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About the project

The project focusses on adult educational information and guidance services, hence the acroniem of the project "AdEIGuS" (Adult Educational Information and Guidance Service). The participating organisations of different countries in Europe all have the same goal with this project: 'to increase the participation of adults on adult education'.

Adult education has three important objectives:

  1. To stimulate lifelong learning: people need to adapt at changing circumstances needed for our economy that must grow and develop. People need to dispose a competence in adaption, they need to be able to re-educate themselves in order to stay / to become competent in their job.
  2. To give a second chance to people who didn't got the chances or who took wrong choices in their younger life at compulsory education. Having a qualification is an important indicator to acquire and/or keep a job. Adult education makes it possible to receive a qualification and thus improve chances at the labour market.
  3. To help foreigners to integrate, to learn a profession, recognize foreign qualifications, to find the wright education for them,... so that these people can become a valuable participant to our society.

Adult education and participation on adult education differs from country to country and also within the countries you can find a difference between the groups who participate. These are differences in age, gender, initial degree and labour market position. Especially the initial level of education seems to be the biggest predictor on participation on adult education. Adults with a higher degree participate three times more on adult education than drop-outs of the educational system. Also the labour market position shows that people who work participate more than unemployed people. This mattheuseffect (= who needs adult education the most, participates the least) is thus clearly visible in adult education partcipation.

For this reason, partners of this project want to create or elaborate a one stop learning shop where everybody can get information and guidance to the adult education scenery. This concept of a one stop learning shops already exists in the participating countries, however the context, target groups, framework, etc. differs in the different countries. With this project the partners want to visit each other and implement good practices in their own practice. This way the partner countries want to offer easily accessible information and guidance to the adults in order to lead more people to a position in the labour market that is comprehensive with their competences and talents.